About 2 units

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You could use a custom field for the second unit of measure

how ?
mt - kg

there is nothing i’m looking for


Obviously not what you wanted to find but it is what you were looking for together with the solution

The solution you would like to find but is not currently available is the ability to have custom fields which contains a formula. That would enable you to enter a quantity in one unit and have if simultaneously displayed in another unit. Several current ideas maybe addressed with this type of functionality. Customizable Calculation Report - #5 by Patch

@ademmgunduz, I think you have a different question than other forum members are addressing.

One inventory item can only have one unit of measure. A rope can be sold by the meter. Chicken can be sold by the pound. But I believe your issue is that as you start entering unit names, options appear. But you are not restricted to those. Any units of measure originally available in the Unit field can be replaced with anything you want.

FOR eg I’m selling FABRIC.

@Tut @Patch

This is possible if you use sales invoice custom fields but you will have to enter the quantity and unit of the second value (kgs) manually

I would just write such details in the description for example “Top fabric 1kg/meter colour red” and use as Unit name the unit that is used to set the sales price in this example “meter” where price is determined on the number of meters sold (or purchased when bought from supplier).

If indeed the customer wants you to total both the meters and related kilograms then a custom field can be added to the line item that provides this information in such way as @Joe91 recommends or typed by you in full.

how can you show me an example?

What have you tried so far ?

Post a screen image and we can help correct it

First create the item, note autofill description is checked and I added “Top fabric 1kg/meter colour red”

Then create an Invoice, note Column-Description is checked which let the column description appear

After clicking create you would get the following screen:

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It has nothing to do with what I said.
thank you.

Check.LIST NO irs NO date descriptıon MT KG FASON unit price KDV price
10036 4640 11.01.2022 KOZA KETEN 20 SIKLIK 822,00 149,50 3,2000 2.693,53 -
10037 4640 11.01.2022 KİNGMİX 25 SIKLIK 2705,00 405,90 3,500 9.694,72 -
10038 4640 11.01.2022 OXFORD 2 32 SIKLIK 1422,00 283,80 4,480 6.523,45 -
10041 4640 11.01.2022 JAMEİCA REJENERE 14 SIKLIK 2441,52 924,90 2,800 7.000,33 -
10042 4640 11.01.2022 OXFORD 2 32 SIKLIK 2405,79 392,55 4,480 11.036,61 -
10071 4640 11.01.2022 KOZA KETEN 20 SIKLIK 455,00 84,30 3,200 1.490,94 -
10072 4640 11.01.2022 KİNGMİX 25 SIKLIK 183,00 28,60 3,500 655,87 -
10073 4640 11.01.2022 PRADA 101-28 SIKLIK 428,00 82,50 3,920 1.718,03 -
10074 4640 11.01.2022 KİNGMİX 25 SIKLIK 1673,00 262,60 3,500 5.996,03 -

I don’t think I can explain the situation to you.
Two units are required.
and this function is not in the program
Developer friends should activate adding the 2nd unit.
2 units for card stock.
and-- most important
It is necessary to open an additional tab called the package list.
S.no— machine no. descriptıon---------------------------------------------VARİANT --------MT -------------------KG—

A--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. UNİT- ---------- 2. ÜNİT

It is well understood what you want and that would be multiple columns that can multiply with each other but that is currently not a feature in Manager as @Patch already pointed out.

Therefore you were provided with alternatives that you could use with the current features in Manager to at least get the information across to your customers even though it will involve limited automation of the calculations.

Given the fact that you want column presentation of both meters and weight then you should follow @Joe91 advise and use a custom field. @Lubos just released a version where you can add pure numeric custom fields, which I hope will eventually lead to the possibility to have multiple columns with numeric data to be used in a calculated field. For the meantime it will be a manual field and you have to do the calculation yourself.

thank you but this is not my solution.
I did not want to use this program and have to use excel with it.
for this, packing lilst needs to be done.

I will try what you told.

Use delivery notes as packing lists. They are the same thing with different titles. But you can change the title of a delivery note to packing list.

I was able to do it with what you said.
It can only be so much under the name of the waybill.

I have one more question. Is it possible to collect the kg section as a ?

sorry for my english.
I know little…

kg&mt write total mt and total kg ?

theme setting ? code vs?

No, custom fields cannot be added to display a total.

You need to understand that Manager’s inventory system can only count and track an inventory item in one unit of measure. In your example, that could be:

  • Meters
  • Kilograms
  • Meter-kilograms

It could be liters, cartons, cases, tons, or simply each. But one inventory item can only have one unit of measure. The question is, what do you count when buying, selling, or verifying inventory? Do you weigh the fabric? Or do you measure its length? The answer tells you what the unit of measure is.