Custom Fields- Automatic custom fields after document conversion

I have different custom fields for quotes and invoices.
If i convert say a quote to a sales invoice, Is it possible for the software to automatically pick the custom fields for the invoice and drop the quote custom fields?
Currently it appears to maintain the fields for the previous document.

the program is designed to copy contents of custom fields with exactly identical labels when using Copy To function.
if you do not wish to copy the contents of custom fields then give a slightly different label for the custom field in one of the forms.

@sharpdrivetek , the labels for the forms are already worded differently , but on copying to a new document, it still carries the old labels for the first document to the new document.
If i could get your second statement in another way coz i dont wish to copy the contents of custom fields of the initial document.

Thank you

when i said label, i meant the the custom field and not the form. hope we are on the same page.

you will have to provide screenshots of both your forms so that users can better understand your issue.
also provide a screenshot of the custom fields created under Settings for both the forms.

Here are the screenshots for the form defaults for the quote and invoice respectively

If you want the invoice to contain the custom fields from the quote, you will have to add the two custom fields on the quote to the Invoice custom fields - so would now have 4 custom fields on the Invoice form

This will then copy the information from the quote to the invoice. It will not delete any existing default custom fields which you have

It is not clear why you have different payment terms on your quotes and invoices

you did not show which custom field is getting copied over from one form to the other.
can you show a screenshot of both sales quote and sales invoice and describe which custom field is copied over?

Above information has been very helpful, Thank you @sharpdrivetek,@Joe91

It worked well!!!