Can I make relationship between two Custom field

Can I make one Custom field for Sales order and Sales Invoices and when I copy sales order to new Invoice, I dont want to enter that custom field again.

For Example.

Sales Order: I have created “Bill of Lading Number” as a custom field
Sales Invoice: I have created “Bill of Lading Number” as a custom field

I want to enter Bill of Lading number only one time in sales order and when I copy that sales order to new Invoice Bill of Lading Number should not be empty.

I recent bug fix should allow that to occur - read here Custom Field contents not cloned

no its not the same thing, As previous bug fix is about cloned sales invoice, and I am discussing about creating new invoice from sales order data.

Custom fields apply only to the type of transaction form they were created for. Even if they have the same name, custom fields on sales orders are not linked to custom fields on sales invoices. So copying one form to another in your workflow does not copy custom fields.

However, the summary-level Description field (above the line items) is carried forward. It might work for you to enter the bill of lading number as part of the description.

My question, though, is why you have a bill of lading number on a sales order? A sales order is meant to record an incoming purchase order (or other form of order) from a customer. At that point in time, before you have shipped goods, why would you have a bill of lading? It seems the first time a bill of lading number would be available is either when creating a sales invoice or delivery note.

Our business is providing shipping services to our clients so we have Bill of lading number before our client shipment arrived.

Thank you. That makes sense. Unfortunately, you will need to enter this information independently on the two forms unless you put it into the summary Description field, as I mentioned above.

Copying custom fields when names are identical is now working in the latest version (17.12.37)


Thanks Alot Lubos.

Hi Lubos,

This functionality seems to be working only on header fields, but not on line fields. I have added customer’s purchase order number at header level and customer’s Purchase Order Line Number as custom field at line level in Sales Order, Delivery Note and Sales Invoice.

However while copying the sales order to delivery note or invoice, only the header field gets copied, but not line fields. Is it possible to add the line fields copy functionality as well?


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