Entering debit opening balance to customers

How can I enter debit opening balance to customers so that it should be enlisted in customers statement.

There are two types of opening balances customers can have. They can have outstanding invoices (debit) or advance payment (credit). To set opening balances for outstanding invoices, simply enter those unpaid invoices under Sales invoices tab.

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I’m starting learn about double-entry accounting.
I have a suggestion for entering opening balances for customers or suppliers.

When you go to Opening balances section under Settings, there is only Customers advance payments under liabilities.

It should also allow to set opening balance for accounts receivable.

When entering opening balance for accounts receivable, the opening balance amount is not enough. You need to enter all unpaid invoices under Sales invoices tab otherwise reports such as Aged receivables or Customer statement will be broken.

The sum of all unpaid invoices dated before Start date will appear as opening balance of Accounts receivable account.

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got it

Hello, i just want to move my customer from one accounting software to Manager, how will i enter their debit balance?

Good software and very flexible…thanks for the good work.

Many thank lubos.

I am new on this manager. I do not understand how can I put customer opening balance debit. customer balance is my Account receivable but there is no option to maintain this. can you please help me out here?

Did you read the Guide: