Accounts Receivable showing balance owing but it should be 0

In my Summary/Accounts Receivable it is showing 6 customers as still owing balances. (5 from 2016 and 1 from 2015)
When I click on the amount owing it says it is empty.
When I check the invoices for these customers it shows them all paid in full.
How do I get rid of the amount showing in Accounts Receivable?
I obviously did something I shouldn’t have.
I take pre-orders for tomato plants each spring. Customers pay when they receive the plants. There’s never a time when I’m waiting for payment.I write up a sales order in Manager and hold it until I receive payment and then copy it to invoice to give to customer.

Can you post screenshots of what you see, so we can also see as on the surface it doesn’t make sense.

If you created an Aged Receivables Report, what does it show.

What other screenshot do you need?

All those balances are negative, so that implies those accounts have been overpaid, have credit balances

So when you click on the Scott blue balance figure (-6.00) what do you see ?
Also, if you go to the Customers tab, do those same customers have “balances” showing ?

When I click on any of the customer balances they show "empty"
But in going to the customers tabs for those particular customers I see that although they say “Paid in full” it is also showing over payment. Thank you so much for your help “AGAIN”.

No problem - did those customers pay postage which wasn’t added to the sales invoice when copied over from the sales order. Just guessing.

No. We do not send any plants through the mail. It’s all pick up or delivery.

I am so happy to have this accounting software because I know very little about accounting and I’ve tried so many other programs that confused and discouraged me. This one is the only one that for the most part “speaks my language”. Plus the “live help” is awesome.

Ok, if it isn’t postage/delivery charges then I guess you will work out how the mismatch has occurred - if it’s that important, otherwise just create an adjusting invoice for each customer to remove those balances.

Ok. Thank you. Yes, now I will be able to correct it. I just couldn’t see it simple though the problem was. Thankfully it’s an easy fix. Thanks again.