Starting Customers Balances reporting as credit on the Summary

How do i resolve starting customers balances reporting as credit on Account Receivables in the Summary

Why do you want to resolve this? If your customers have a starting credit balance, it should show as a credit in Accounts receivable. You need to furnish more details.

Customers balances is an Assets which suppose to report as debit and not credit

Customer balances will report as debits or credit depending on which they are. They can be either.

Procedures for correctly entering customer starting balances are given here:

I really appreciate your quick response. I am encouraged.
Please, look at the screen shot below

The screen only shows available credit and no option for debit, where the balance is debit
Tell me if there is anything else I should do

Why is the starting balance a debit? In other words, why did the customer owe you money on the date you first began using Manager?

Okay. These are balances we are transfering from the old accounting software. We are not just starting the business

Thank you

The attached Statement shows the starting balance of a Debtor reporting as credit.

If the customer owes you money on the starting date, you have to enter the unpaid invoices - the credit field is only if the customer has a credit balance.

It is all explained in the guide

@Momodu, you did not answer my question. Why do you have debit balances from the old system? Your answer to that will govern the answer to your original question. And please, do not trickle the information out one bit at a time. Describe the full situation.

Thank you all
Joe91 respose addresses my concern.