Starting balance of account receivable showing credit instead of Debit

I created few customers using batch create option. I entered my starting balance in the template. But when i check the account receivable report, the balances are showing negative. That means it shows credit balance instead of debit balance. Please some one help on this

You should enter the starting balance, if it’s a debit, loading all the open invoices.

That is not the way to enter starting balances for your customers.
Have you read the guide Set starting balances for customers

If you enter a balance directly under Starting Balances, you are entering a credit, because debits can only be entered, as @Davide said, by entering pre-start-date sales invoices :


This results in a credit balance for the customer:

Since Accounts receivable is an asset account, which makes it a debit account, the credit is reported as a negative quantity: