Customer & Supplier Transactions


It will be great if we can export customer & supplier transactions to pdf instead of exporting to screen.

Please see the screenshots attached.

Also one other thing, when I write down a sales invoice to one of my ‘‘Supplier’’ because for ex. he sent me an invoice with wrong product pricing, this sales invoice amount doesn’t drop from this supplier’s total amount to me.

But instead I need to prepare a purchase invoice as ‘’ - ‘’. Is there a way to correct this issue?

To be clear, the supplier sent me a product price of $110 which should be $100. So, I sent him a sales invoice of $10 to him normally. But, also I need to add -$10 purchase invoice for this supplier in order to make total amount right.

you can simply right click on the transactions area, select print and print to pdf or directly to your printer.

these are handled as debit notes in accounting and not as sales invoices to your supplier.
read this guide

Thank you for your prompt answer,

I am using Mac and I do not see print option? Please see attachment;33

Debit Note, ok well noted, thank you;

Mac, unlike Windows, doesn’t have that print option.

If you export the screen to a spreadsheet programme first, then they generally have under “File” an “export to PDF” option.

On a Mac, this can be accomplished by selecting File => Save as… => PDF or File => Print… => Save as PDF (on the PDF dropdown list in the lower left corner of the Print dialog box).