View bank account balance sheet same way as customer/supplier

Dears, any way to view bank account balance sheet same way as customer and supplier statement?
like image below.
thanks for your effort

Why do you need that report?

@Abeiku, I want to know all the transactions of this bank account in details , may one transaction not added to this account for example.

You can get this information from the Bank Accounts tab and export. You can also access the bank accounts history and bank account running balances based on cleared transactions on the Summary page and export. A report like you have suggested wouldn’t be bad but it isn’t going to do anything that Manager isn’t doing already. The cashbook information is used internally so a beautified report of the cashbook wouldn’t achieve anything.

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@Abeiku , i got it on the Summary page.
but for batch pdf it will export many pdf files for every transaction . any way to export with letter head as pdf file not by copying to clipboard
like image below

No. But it is easy to put your logo on a spreadsheet.

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Do not use Batch PDF, use copy to Clipboard and paste into a spreadsheet (excel) program and insert a logo there. Why is it so important for you to share internal document with a logo on it?

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