Exporting supplier statements

Currently when we click on Export we got .tsv format… Can you please include in PDF if it is not there ? It will really help as we have to send Statement to suppliers.

Why do you need to send statement to suppliers? Is it common practice?

Yes Lubos we need to send monthly statements to them.It will be good otherwise this is lagging here.

Why do you need to send monthly statements to your suppliers? It should be the other way around, your suppliers should be sending monthly statements to you.

That is for our use only like if we want to see report of our supplier .
For ex : i want to see how much i have to give to my supplier. You have export option .can you give pdf download option here ?

First let’s make sure you are not asking for something that is already in the software.

For example, when you click on Suppliers tab, you can see amounts due for each supplier. Similarly, when you click on Purchase invoices, you can see individual invoices that are still unpaid.

Why this doesn’t work for you?

I know I can see the amount due of any supplier with Export button which downloads in .TSV format. But from the beginning I am asking can i download this detail in PDF format?

I don’t fully understand use case for this feature, let’s wait until more users ask for this so I get clear idea of the scope. Or let me know other accounting software that does this and I will check it out.

Currently when we click on Export we got .tsv format… Can you please include in Excel format if it is not there ? I will easy for simulation for some Maketing study.

hey @wendyngf thats what I am trying to say to @lubos from Beginning but i guess he is waiting others to come with the same.But i guess now we are 2 so he can think of.

.tsv is Tab Seperated Values. This should open in excel. I use LibreOffice Calc and it opens the file correctly as a spreadsheet. Id Excel doesn’t open it correctly look in Excel help for how to open a tab seperated file.

Thanks “techenhance” & “rdgreenlaw” replied for me.
I tried the suggest of “rdgreenlaw”, then it can be export to excel format now.
Firstly, we save the data to “tsv” format on the desktop.
Then, Open the excel files. Choose Open “OLD” file and find the “tsv” data, and open it.
I using Miscosoft Excel win2003.

I also need suppliers statement because we need this statement on monthly/quarterly closing.

Here is what I’ve done so far (v14.8.38). When you go to Customers tab or Suppliers tab, you can click on amount under column Unpaid invoices. This will give you list of all transactions posted to A/R or A/P for selected customer or supplier.

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Can you please confirm what changes we can see in (v14.8.38) as compared to previous versions ?

"This will give you list of all transactions posted to A/R or A/P for selected customer or supplier " - What does it mean posted to A/R or A/P ?

(A/R) = Accounts Receivable and (A/P) = Accounts Payable

Thanks @ntrim but this option was already there. I want to understand what has changed.

In starting of thread I was asking if we can have a format in excel or in pdf then it will be good. It is coming as TSV format.

And moreover we don’t get SUM also in the exported TSV @lubos. Hope you are on this. Thanks

No, it wasn’t. When you clicked on the amount under Unpaid invoices column, you were shown the screen with invoices. I’ve realized this was not that useful because if you want to see invoices, you can go to Sales Invoices or Purchase Invoices tab. So from now, when you click on Unpaid invoices amount, you will get complete customer/supplier ledger. Manager didn’t have previously screen that would show you this.

TSV is 100% compatible with Excel.

What do you mean by SUM? The TSV contains column Balance which is running total for Amount column.

Got it. It is in balance column. I was expecting it below the amount row but anyway I am OK with this as well. Thanks.

I need Supplier statements as well like Customer Statement in Reports Tab.