Customer Statements - Transaction description

I have a customer which in some instances takes part in joint ventures with our business and therefore is to receive a share of the profit. In the past, using other accounting software, this has been managed by journalling the share of profit to the customer account thus decreasing the amount owing on their account.

When using the same practice in Manager, the customer statement only shows the action being ‘Journal Entry’ which does not show the customer the description of the transaction (or why it occurred). Is there any scope for this to be made an option in the transaction version of the Customer Statement report?

Alternatively, if I am recording this incorrectly can you please advise the correct way to record this so that the Customer Statement report shows the specific debits/credits?


Good point. Check the latest version (14.12.31).

The customer statement will now show line description entered in journal entry or journal entry narration if present.

Brilliant. Thanks for the tweak.