Customer statement transactions

Maybe this is for the ideas category:

To have the customer statement transactions report show which invoice is referred to in a given transaction if the users chooses an invoice in the when recording the payment in the receipt form.

Enter that information in the Description field for the line item on the receipt if you want it on the report. It will show on the customer statement. In general, however, the content of the report is about the transactions themselves, not why they were entered. That is the purpose of the report. So the reference numbers of invoices, receipts, payments, credit/debit notes, and so forth are what appear automatically.

This approach is especially useful when you consider that posting accounts, customer/supplier subaccounts, and invoice numbers are not displayed on completed receipt or payment forms to begin with. Those are only visible on the Edit screen. The thinking is that no external entity needs to see your account-posting information. As elsewhere in the program, information you want the outside world to see should go into the Description field.

Good descriptions serve many purposes.

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