Purchace invoices tab shows Purchace Order column when field empty

Not a big issue, but, in keeping with Manager’s philosophy of the minimal look, the Purchace invoices tab shows “Purchace Order” column (PO#) even when Purchace Order tab have not (ever) been enabled in customize.


In the Inventory items tab, i have the column “Item Name” even though i have never entered any data in this field.
It would be nice if those columns only appear if data is entered in those fields so not to limit the width of the other columns.

I’ll put this into the Ideas category for the suggestion on purchase order numbers.

Of the three identifiers, Item code, Item name, and Description, Item code is the one assumed to always be present. Item codes are optional, and descriptions include additional information you want a customer or supplier to see. But item names are what appear on reports. So if you didn’t use item codes, all the inventory movement and quantity reports would have numbers for blank entries. How do you work around that?

I thought it was more of a bug that it shows when it shouldn’t rather than an idea?
It does show and I don’t think it should.

Just to be clear, the column PO# is visible when I have not enabled the purchase order tab.

Regarding the Item name, I know it is meant for a meaningful name for the item for report purposes but I just don’t have time to think that up for every item, the part numbers are the main things that I identify items with.

The main point is, if nothing is entered in that field it should not show as a (empty) column.

I understood all your points, @itmoto. But the bugs category is generally reserved for actual errors rather than suggestions for display improvements. As you initially said, “Not a big issue….” Thus, I put it into Ideas. Every month, several ideas get picked up for implementation.

If you look throughout the program, you will find most tab listings include some default columns, even when empty. So the behavior you describe isn’t actually inconsistent. For example, bank transactions always show the reference column, even if you’ve never recorded a bank’s transaction reference. Some of those situations may be left over from early versions of the program. Some may be the developer’s attempt to show you where data is really expected according to his view of the world. :wink:

You are right, it’s not a biggie but has been bugging me for quite some time which is why I thought I would mention it. Yes the ideas categorisation is probably more correct as it’s just a visual niggle and the numbers are still correct.

I, Lubos and yourself like consistency and this, I would say, was inconsistent to the mirror side of sales invoices, where there is no blank column (sales order?) in that tab.
If I haven’t even enabled the purchase order tab I should see no mention of it anywhere in the program.

Actually this was a regression. Previously PO # column wouldn’t show. Anyway, fixed in the latest version (18.5.73).

Brilliant, thank you :+1:t2:

Any thoughts on the item name column?

I will need to give it some more thought because right now, the design implies you would enter Item Name and Item Code is optional. This is consistent with other forms which contain code field such as customers, suppliers, fixed assets, general ledger accounts etc.

I understand the design wishes users to enter an Item Name and Item Code is optional. For me, I use the item code field for the manufactur part number as I need this to be printed on quotes and invoices. It was my understanding that Item Name is not printed on any document apart from reports.