Display the Purchase Order column in new invoice

Can someone please assist me to display the Purchase Order Number in a New invoice as this function was an option some time back. I have only been able to reproduce this function by cloning an old invoice.

Plus I also wish to display the Purchase Order Column in the Payments and Receipt fields in order backtrack a back order number and customer queries of referenced by a P/O without opening each invoice…

I find this function enables me to find an invoice via the customer P/O as I am yet to find another way.

Thank you in advance

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A Purchase Order is a document you send to your suppliers indicating what you want to purchase

A purchase order has nothing to do with a receipt or with customer queries. If you are referring to customers’ purchase order numbers, those convert to sales orders in Manager. The current relationship is described in @Joe91’s link.

To clarify, when we create an invoice there in no need to create a sales order and convert to sales invoice as this we feel is superfluous and an unnecessary step. So each purchase order is entered directly into the Sales Invoice field of a new Invoice or a clone of a previous order with minimal changes. In the event that a customer has not received stock or it is been lost or not correctly entered upon receipt by the Branch, the only reference the purchasing officer has to follow up is their original Purchase Order number. As we still record the Purchase Order number on all the invoices created we need a quick way to refer to the P/O column which is the purchasers reference guide. Hence we need the capacity to include this column for quick reference to backtrack a P/O. Otherwise we have to open each and every invoice in order to find the corresponding P/O that is being queried by the purchase. Hopefully this makes sense!

Then the way to accomplish that is to create a custom field named something like PO Number, place it on sales invoices, and use Edit Columns to display the custom field. Like this:

Thank you