Why aren't my Receipts showing against my Customer Statement.?

I have issued a Receipt and posted against my Customers name including the Invoice it is paying. This is not showing against my Customer’s Statemenr

please provide more details so that other users can provide help.
a screenshot of your receipt edit page would be helpful.
also make sure you did everything as per the below guide.

I have Created a Sales Invoice, this was then recorded (automatically) as a Sale. When the amount was paid by the Customer, a New Receipt was created, showing the Customer, and Invoice number that was originally issued, and the amount received was shown as going into the bank account by Direct Deposit.

I have a screenshot - how do I post it on this forum?

use the upload option available.



the source of your problem is you seem to have modified the default Accounts receivable account or created a new account altogether.

by default, all Customers are linked to the default Accounts receivable account. ths is the same account which you should be selecting in your line item. selecting this account will automatically allow you to select the customer next.

i had already provided the link to relevant guide in my first reply. kindly go through the same.

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This alternative number was only created yesterday to see if it would correct the situation. - no difference!

All Sorted - Problem solved Thanks to all.