Customer statements

Why are monies received not showing on customer statements?

That can depend on several things:

You will need to furnish a lot more information to get an answer

Start with what version and type of Manager you are using

Show the edit screen of the payment received transaction
Show the drill down of the Customer list with the transactions related to the particular customer
Show the Statement Report

By the way, have you set the date on the statement correctly?

Date/period is running from start of business to today.

by what you are doing with the receipt you are actually making another cash sale invoice. not a receipt.
that is not the way receipts are to be recorded in Manager.
read the guide in detail

@Megs, the mistakes you are making have very serious consequences. In effect, you are doubling your reportable income. A receipt against an invoice, as explained in the Guide @sharpdrivetek linked to, must be posted to Accounts receivable and the customer’s subaccount.

Further, your version of Manager is more than a 1,000 updates behind. Update your software. The Guides and all answers on the forum assume you are up to date. You will have trouble following the advice with software so obsolete. (In this case, however, your problem is not related to software. It is a consequence of improper accounting.)

But why, when viewing the invoice and I clicked Receive money, did it not put it to Accounts Receivable and the customer? Surely the program can tell I’m not generating a new sale when I’m looking at an existing invoice.

Sorry, but I’m going to drop the program. I’m not an accountant and find the “accountese” in the guides too complicated to follow. I need something really simple. Thanks for the help you offered though.

It would have, if that is what you had actually done. You would have seen something like this on your receipt:


However you arrived at the data entry screen for the receipt transaction, you chose the predefined inventory item Retainer. That item automatically posts to Inventory - sales rather than Accounts receivable.

And by the way, a retainer cannot be an inventory item, because it is not a material good held for sale or production. It could, however, have been set up as a non-inventory item.

Of course, you are free to do whatever you wish. But I would not hold out much hope of finding an accounting program simpler to use than Manager. The forum is full of comments by users who say it is the easiest they have ever encountered. Whichever program you decide to use, you do need to understand what it is intended to accomplish. If you are not experienced in accounting, some time spent educating yourself would be well spent. You might start here:

I did see the comments which were encouraging, but I would have thought that, while viewing the invoice, logically my receipt would apply to that invoice. Clearly accounting logic is beyond me. But thank you once again.

Yes, that is logical; and that is exactly the way Manager functions. My point was that, regardless of what you thought you did, at some point you selected an inventory item on the receipt. That selection replaced anything else that may have been there.

That has nothing to do with accounting logic. I am telling you that a definite action was required for the receipt you showed in your screen shot to be created or updated as it was. It is possible you were not aware what you did had the effect it had. But I assure you, the program did not create that receipt spontaneously. Nor did it create it automatically in response to any input. Positive action was required.