Customer Shortcut

Would it be possible to make customer name clickable, (Highlighted in blue like certain balances), then once clicked upon, would take you directly to that customer in the customer tab, then can edit if necessary.
It would be nice if this was applied to Quote and Invoice tab lists and also when viewing a particular Quote or Invoice.
It’s so you can quickly see the contact details of the customer to call, you can then simply click back to continue editing, viewing or printing Quotes or Invoices.

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Better workflow would be to go to Customers tab, find the customer and then view it (view hasn’t been implemented yet)

But view could show you all their history (orders, invoices, quotes, credit notes, payments etc.)

The original workflow is ok but just requires extra clicking.
I find myself going back and forth several times as i call customers near the end of the day to let them know their vehicle is done and ready to collect.

Current workflow from viewing the Invoice requires you to click Customers, click in search bar, type customers name (or the start of it) then click search then click Edit to view the customers mobile number.

What would be really great is while viewing the Invoice or Invoice Tab list, (or Quote/Quote Tab), is to just click on that customer name which would create a link and that would take you directly to that particular customer and be able to see contact details and Mobile number with one click without the need of typing.

For me this isn’t that important. If i wish to see the history of a customer i would go to the relevant Tab and search the customer then have the history.
I would do this very occasionally, whereas, i have to call the customer every time i quote or invoice him/her.

For me this would make the workflow simpler.