Create Sales order directly from Customer Tab

Use case : We have a situation where we have many many customers and as a result when creating a sales order to locate and select the correct customer is not practical from the sales order tab ( or from invoice or quote tabs).

So the customer tab is used in the first instance to verify the correct customer and info …. why you guessed it … the customer tab holds easily viewed customer data to verify correct information such as telephone, email and address Data. The customer is then noted and Sales Order produced.

We would like to suggest if possible to enable the creation of Sales Orders from the customer tab … Say a copy to : sales order function.

This will potentially improve performance and help our users be confident the correct customer has been engaged.

Any thoughts - Create Sales Order directly from customers under the Customer Tab.

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I would actually suggest one of two things.

That you could create Sales Quotes from the Customer Tab instead or in addition to Sales Orders.

Or a better option would be to address the underlying cause of why you are finding it difficult to select the correct client via Customer dropdown in Sales order. I personally feel that this is a better direction, because I myself have issues with say a product that is identical appearing in both inventory items and non-inventory items. Or very similar inventory items. Sometimes it would be useful to see more detail when clicking on the drop down. So introducing a feature where more information could be viewed in drop down and also more clearly broken up, would work in many areas of the program.

I am not really convinced that adding the ability to add quotes/orders to Customer Tab is the best way to do it as this would make it harder to implement restrictions for users who have access to Customers, but perhaps not Quotes and Orders? In addition, I think your suggestion is more about using the Customer Tab to fix a viewing design flaw in quotes and orders tabs when selecting customers/suppliers. It would make more sense to fix the viewing design flaw within quotes and orders I would think.

That sounds like a great idea to me. But why just stop at Sales orders? I think the New Sales Invoice button that appears on specific customers’ invoices screen should be replaced with a menu similar to the Copy to menu – let’s call it New menu – with all relevant customer documents like:

  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Payments
  • Credit Notes
  • Delivery Notes

Also, we should have this button appear also on the View screen of the customer as well.

I can see the benefit of the other additional copy to options. The order of preference in our business case to improve performance would be 1. Sales Orders 2. Invoices 3. Quotes

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