Adding customers from invoice screen


While making a new invoice for adding a new customer I have to go to the customer setup and create a new customer then come back to the invoice screen to add the new customer. It will for easy if we add the new customer from the invoice screen itself.


This is a good idea. Not just for customers, but for suppliers, inventory items, fixed assets, general ledger accounts etc.

On the other hand, we really want to crank out as many features as possible in upcoming two months and this sounds more like something we will do in polishing phase after.


Great to hear that. It is really annoying to leave the working screen and make a change so you can proceed with your work.


Multiple tabs (as previously suggested) could well alleviate some of these kind of problems. It is annoying when you start creating an invoice or something else, and halfway you discover you first have to do something else to proceed. If you clould just open a new tab for that task, It woudn’t be such a hassle


Bump, is this still in the works?

i would love to be able to add new customers from new sales invoice screen and same for suppliers etc but the ability to add new customers without leaving the sale wold be amazing. i would regard this as a feature!

any ETA?


I am also very interested in this, as it would be a major workflow improvement for my business. Is there an ETA on this?


I’m finally planning to implement this next month or January by latest.


@lubos any news on this update?


I believe that such implementation should not be come at the expense of the program’s smoothness and lightness. A suggestion, to have a tab near the “New Sales Invoice” that would be something like “Sales Invoice for new Customers” this way the user is directed towards the new customer setup then directly into the invoice page.


any update for adding customer as this type


This would be a really handy feature.


I agree this would be a real timesaver as would the ability to do the same with suppliers.


+1. Also a warning that I’m about to create a duplicate if I try to enter a new customer that already exists.