Customer Portals Related Problem

When i Inactive a Customer . then Why its Portal Does not Became Inactive.
their portal is still working.
Is this a Bug or it works like this.

Though it’s a valid remark, it’s currently possible to make a payment link in the invoices so this allows customers to pay you quickly even when they are inactive.

The functions may seem related, but they really are not. A customer portal provides specific access by outside persons to records of a customer’s transactions with a business. Making a customer inactive removes the customer from selection options for current transactions. But inactive status does not remove a customer from your system. So, as @Ealfardan points out, you might have a definite purpose to leave a portal open for an inactive customer. That is a business decision, not one to be made automatically for you by the designer of the software.

I understood @Tut and @Ealfardan
But Inactive Checkbox is Not present In Customer Portals for manual Use.

there is no use of making a customer portal inactive. they are meant to be deleted and the option for the same is already available.

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