Suppliers Portal and Employees Portal

@lubos Can You Please add Portals For Suppliers and Employees Just Similar to Customer Portals already Implemented in Manager. :small_blue_diamond:

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This is Much needed Feature in manager :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

After Viewing this Topic i got Some Idea’s:-
1. Their Must be a Username Password On employees Portal (if Portal will be implemented).
2. Users (multi user access) Should be created From employees only. (as employees are the users of the companies Software ). when we create a New User Then A drop Down List Is Opened with name of all Employees.
3. Category of Users:- Like there May be Some Categories of Users Like Accountant,Auditor, directer, etc. so if any One Select Accountant or Directer Category then Name will be selected from List of employees Only and if Anyone select Auditors category then Name can be filled Manaualy.
4. if Employees Portal will not be implemented then-
in user Permissions :-
when we Give permission to View,create, update, delete Employees then there should be a Option to select an employee for which the permission is granted (it works like Employees Portal). Similar can be done With Suppliers Also. as it is Described in a Topic:-Role based Access Control by

@lubos , @Tut , @Ealfardan , @sharpdrivetek Please Provide Your Views on My Suggestions.
Any Suggestion From other users of the forum is also Welcomed.


the Customer portal is still evolving. after its full implementation other portals maybe created with similar features. read the topic below.

already discussed in above topic.

portal settings are already based on this concept. in Customer portal under Settings, only Customers appear for selection.

how is this question related to the topic? you are mixing User Permissions with portal accessibility.

again, this is related to User Permissions which is off-topic.

I did not meant to say that What you have understand This is also related with user permissions


yes related with user permissions if these will be implemented then these will work as portals till portals is not implemented.

in My opinian User Tab Should be Improved as there there is no history tab in users which tracks Permissions of users are changed or New user created or old user deleted

User permission changes appear in History