Inactive custom field still appear in forms

I noticed inactive custom field still appear in sales invoice which i think is a bug. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

Are you referring to existing invoices or new ones? Making something inactive does not change previous transactions. If that happened, all the invoices of a former customer who you made inactive would disappear. The point of making something inactive is to eliminate it from future transactions.

Yes. The inactive custom field appears in new sales invoices

I agree and thats fine with me

Hi @lubos pls fix this bug. Inactive custom field still appears in sales invoice. See below

A bit difficult to fix a bug which nobody else can reproduce. Would you be able to send in a business file where this issue occurs? My email is

@raJ, does this problem persist if you give the custom field a label?

@lubos I’ll send you my business file separately
@Tut Yes