Customer Out Standing is Missing

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I issued the first Invoice to the Party 0276 Ajmal Malik Rs. 94,426/= on 15-Sep-2019 but when i generate the report for the period 01-Sep-2019 to 30-Jun-2020 its not showing the Party Name and Outstanding.
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Please show the Edit screen for the invoice you say is missing from the report


Very strange - can you show the Edit screen for the Customer - you can block any data which you think should be kept private

Does the total on the report correspond to the totals outstanding on the Accounts Receivable in your Balance sheets for 30th August and 30th June?

That all looks fine - if you create a report Customer Statement (Transactions) for the period 1st Sept to 30th June what does it show for this customer

Why are there two transactions dated 16th September 2019 with the description Starting Balance?

If you have set the starting date as 16th September 2019 all transactions with a date before this, for example your invoice dated 15th September 2019, are completely ignored

Have you set starting balances as explained in the guide Enter starting balances

on 16 Sep 19 i shift this client to Manager, so wright Starting Balance

NO i didn’t set the Starting Date its open.


In my opinion, this is a bug

Until you create an invoice for this customer, his balance is not included in the Customer Summary

You can create a dummy invoice for a zero-value and the customer will be included in the report

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Exactly, i will check other customer as wel. (If you can plz mark this post as BUG)

@Joe91 Thanks for your continous response.

Both of these statements cannot be true. Please go to Settings > Starting Balances. Post the following screen shots:

  • The portion of the page that shows your Accounts receivable account.
  • Drill-down on the balance for Ajmal Malik.
  • Further drill-down on Unpaid Invoices for that customer.
  • Go back to the Starting Balances page and click on Set Date.