Need help with a Customer

Hi everyone.

I kind have a mess with a customer (or not :thinking:)

I was checking aged receivables of my customers. I have a customer that in his Statement (Transactions) says he owe me: $15,593.20.

That screenshot above was taken from “Customer Statement Transactions Report”

Now, when I go to “Unpaid Invoices” this is what appears:

As you can see, it is showing that he owes me $11,492.00. It is not showing the same as Transactions report: $15,593.20. (Note:I don’t have any overpaid invoices with this customer).

And finally this is what Aged Receivables Report Shows:

I have few questions:
-Why, in Aged Receivables Report is showing me Less:Credit with $4,101.00? There is nothing overpaid or negative balance with this customer.
-How can I disappear those $4,101.00 from Less:Credit?
-How can I pay those $15932.20 (as the Transactions report shows) without overpaying an invoice (Because the open invoices give a total of $11492.20).

ALSO NOTE: Those $4,101.00 that are appearing in Lss: Credit, they were not showing few days ago. I noticed this on Friday last week.

I will appreciate your help.

What version are you using?

It would appear that you have a starting date?

Have you entered unpaid invoices to constitute a starting balance?

And post edit screen images not copies of reports as they do not show the full picture - Customer transactions report is from date to date

I have the “Cloud Version”.

Yes, I have an starting date. But the customer started with Positive Balance.

I entered to Unpaid invoices to know the due amount.

I was trying to show you only the totals of the reports I entered. It is pretty extensive if I show you a complete report.

what is your starting date? you seem to have an opening balance on 31st Jan 2018, invoices in Dec 2018 and your transaction statement “appears” to be for January 2019

If I go to Settings-Starting Date-Set Date it says: 02/28/2018 (Is when I started to add customers with their balances and all of that).

Yes, because I needed to add that balance in January (Because of my customer).
But I didn’t change my starting date. Can that affect me on something? As I told you, that quantity on Less: Credit was not appearing few days back.

That is your edition (desktop, server, and cloud are editions, not versions). But that won’t matter, because the cloud edition is always up to date. Your version is the number shown in gray at the bottom of the Manager window.

The answers to your questions come from understanding what the various reports are designed to show:

  • Aged Receivables shows invoices with unpaid balances on a certain date. In order to make the total of the Aged Receivables report match the Aged receivables account balance (which some accountants like and some do not), the Less: Credit column is included. These credits might come from excess payments. Or, they might be from starting balance credits not associated with any invoice but carried forward for continuity. To see where the 4101.00 originates, drill down on the Accounts receivable balance in the Summary. Then click on the customer’s balance. You will find transactions from some source totaling 4101.00. However, because the format of the Aged Receivables report says “Less: Credit” and the number is negative, you must look for debits that don’t make sense.

  • To record receipts without overpayment problems, find the source of the 4101.00, as described above. Fix that problem first. I suspect this customer really only owes you 11,492.20. Then, record the receipt against the specific unpaid invoices.

  • If you have unpaid invoices from before your start date, they will be included in the Customer Statement - Unpaid Invoices. For Manager to handle them correctly, you must enter them as described in this Guide: It does not look like you followed those instructions.

Hello @Tut, thanks for replying.

I have done that and I did not find anything unusual. In the debit section there are only Invoices. And why you are asking me to search on debits? In debit section are totals that the customer owes me. So how in this section can I find that credit he has?

I have one question: What things can cause Less: Credit Section to have numbers? Besides the “Available Credit” section when you are adding a new Customer.

Then why in the Customer Statement Transactions report says that he owes me $15,593.20? Which is the official total he owes me?

I have no overpaid invoices with this customer.

Really appreciate your help Tut. Nothing personal sir.

The credit is negative, which makes it a debit. I already explained that.

Unallocated overpayments or starting balances. I already explained that, too.

Because of the negative credit, which is a debit and adds to the total.

Only you can answer that question. Based on what you have said so far, you have an entry error somewhere. I’ve already suggested where to look. But you need to go back to the beginning of your relationship with this customer and check every transaction.

What start date do you have set? Your 1/31/2018 invoice labeled as Starting Balance looks questionable. It causes me to question whether you entered starting balances correctly when migrating from your previous accounting system.

I guess there is no other option.

My Starting Date is on 02/01/2018.

OK. So please post the following screen shots. There is a good chance they will reveal the problem:

  1. Under Settings > Starting Balances, show the portion of the screen that includes the Accounts receivable account.

  2. Drill down on the Accounts receivable balance on that screen, click Edit for the customer in question and show what you see.

  3. Go back to step #1 and drill down on the Unpaid invoices balance for this customer. Show what you see.

For this step, I wasn’t sure if you want the general (from all my customers) or just what appears with the customer we are looking for. Anyway I’m uploading both:

  1. Here is the general total:

  2. Now this is what appears with the customer we are looking for:

(I only blocked my customer’s name)

Let me know if you need any other screenshot

Click Edit from that last unpaid invoices screen for the 2/1/2018 transaction. Show the resulting screen shot. I am curious why this shows on the Customer Statement as being issued 1/31/2018 but under starting balances as 2/1/2018. Was this entered from the Sales Invoices tab or under Settings > Starting Balances > Accounts receivable > Customer?

I am also curious how the balance of that invoice was reduced by 14,362.2 when you’ve only had 2,000 total credits for this customer. You need to post a screen shot of a transactions statement for the customer covering your entire history with them.

Hi @Tut… Sorry for replying this late, but here is what you asked for:

I entered the starting balance in Sales Invoice Tab.

This is going to be very extensive. Can I mail it to you? Or if you don’t mind, I can post those screenshots here, but it will have to many screenshots…

@INTERC, I read this entire thread again after seeing your latest post. I offer the following comments:

  1. You did not follow the instructions in the Guide I linked for entering starting balances for customers. I already mentioned that pre-start-date sales invoices had to be entered from Starting Balances in the Settings tab to function correctly. You just told me you entered the pre-start-date sales invoice for this customer from the Sales Invoices tab. Deleting the one you have and entering it correctly may fix the problem.

  2. If the full statement showing all transactions for this customer is extensive, I do not want to look at it. (I had the impression from those you showed, which stretch back to your start date, that it would be only a dozen or so transactions.) You will need to examine it yourself to establish your history with this customer. In particular, you must find the source of the 4101.00 credit. It did not appear by magic, but comes from some entry or combination of entries you made.

  3. Is your entire business run in U.S. dollars? Everything you have shown is in dollars, and all my answers so far have assumed that is your base currency. But I see in your profile you are in Mexico. Mixed currencies can produce some unexpected results, especially if you switch currencies after you have already started keeping records in Manager.

  4. As a reminder, your start date should be a date on or before you began using Manager to record all transactions for your business. The only transactions with dates before the start date should be invoices with balances due. And those should be entered in the Settings tab. So a February 1, 2018 start date with a January 31, 2018 starting balance invoice is OK. But other transaction types before February 1 are not.

@Tut I think I found the problem.

This is a test I made.

I added to invoices to my customer (Example 1")

Then I made a receipt for Invoice #4 for $400dlls. Now that invoice is already Payed.

But then I made a transaction for a Check Return (NSF Check).
What I did was: I clicked on Payment (Instead of Receipt) and chose my customer. It was for $400dlls.

In the next screenshot you will see both transactions I made:

But here is the thing. In the NSF Transaction I made, I DID NOT select an Invoice. I leave that in Blank.

Now if I go to Aged receivables report this is what appears:


As you can see, there are those $400dlls apprearing on Less: Credit just as the case with my other customer. All caused because I did not choose an invoice in the NSF transaction I made.

Now this is how it looks if i choose the invoice in the nsf transaction:


Everything is fixed. I just needed to select the invoice in those Check Returns I made with my other customer. But I think this needs to be changed. Because when you leave in blanck the Invoice Section while making a transactions it is supposed that Manager automatically chooses the invoice. I mean, it works with receipts tab but doesn’t work with payment tab.

Well, @INTERC, you never mentioned NSF transactions in any of your previous posts. That was critical information.

How can you expect Manager to automatically choose an invoice for you? The way you recorded this, you have told the program that you paid money to the customer without full instructions on what the money was paid for.

When a check is dishonored, you should enter a receipt with a negative unit price, not a payment. While the financial effect is the same, the transaction is easier to understand, because it shows you are reversing a previously entered receipt, not entering a payment. See the Guide:

Thanks @Tut