Customer Opening Balance Suddenly Appeared


My manager accounts go back to 2013. I have one particular customer I have invoiced and received payment from since then.

In September 2016 I invoiced this customer £768.00. I have just received full payment and entered it against the invoice.

However I notice that back in September Manager added a credit of £0.38 (38p) to that customer’s account as an “Automatic payment using available credit”.

When I look at the credit allocation report the £0.38 is shown as a ‘Customer - opening balance’.

But I’ve never set up an opening balance for this customer (none shows in the edit customer record) and anyway the customer was setup in 2014 and no earlier invoices show an opening credit.

So where did the credit come from and more importantly can anyone suggest how to get rid of it as it is now rendering all my balances for that customer out by £0.38?

I’d be grateful for any advice. With thanks in advance.

You probably have a simple data entry error somewhere. It will be difficult to get advice, though, because it seems your version of Manager is quite old. The credit allocation report doesn’t exist anymore, suggesting many things will work differently in your version.

Regardless of version, the automatic allocation means that at some point you either entered an overpayment when receiving money or did not allocate a receipt to a specific invoice. So Manager put the extra money in the customer’s subaccount and used it the next time the customer owed you money. Prior versions of Manager didn’t handle this situation as well as the current version, so to resolve the problem, the program created an opening balance. The fix below should fix this.

Just for safety, make a backup of your business. Then update your software. Then look at the Accounts Receivable column for the customer involved under the Customers tab. It will show you the history of all invoices and receipts applicable to the customer. You should be able to find the one where the account was overpaid by 38p.

Let us know if this works.

Thank you for your rapid reply.

I did upgrade recently to 16.12.18 (on ubuntu) so I think I’m fairly up to date.

In 16.12.18 there is a Credit Allocation Statement (not Report as I called it).

I’ve looked at the accounts receivable column for the customer and I can see where the 38p arises - as on the attached screenshots. Pressing ‘View’ beside ‘Automatic payment using available credit’ on screenshot 1, shows the allocation report on screenshot 2.

The problem is Manager calls it “Customer credits - opening balance” but I’ve not created an opening balance for the customer. And if I had it would have been 2 years ago. I don’t know where it has come from so I don’t know how to remove it.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Your screenshot #1 isn’t the Accounts Receivable drill-down. It is the 2nd-level Balance Due drill-down from a 1st-level number of Invoices drill-down, a page I could hardly figure out how to get to. And you will notice the final balance due is zero. Manager sometimes goes through some acrobatics to get where it’s going.

Regardless of how you got to that screen, the fact remains there was a 38p credit for this customer that already existed when you entered Invoice 1149. So that invoice is not the problem, but some earlier entry.

Do as I first suggested: drill down on the Accounts Receivable column in the Customers tab to see where the overpayment happened.

Thank you for coming back to me.

I’ve found it!

Manager referring to the amount as ‘Customer credit - opening balance’ was setting me off in the wrong direction.

I balanced all receipts from the customer against invoices raised and found two years ago 38p more paid than an invoice was raised for.

My recollection is that back then if a receipt was for more than one invoice the amounts had to be entered individually - probably where the mistake arose.

Thank you for your time, help and advice.

Glad you found it.