Customer custom fields moved


I have some custom fields on my customer files that now show at the bottom of a sales invoice when printed. I am unsure when this changed but i have invoices that have the custom fields showing at the top of the invoice directly to the right of the customer name and address,I have check my invoices and the last invoice that printed the custom fields at the top were on the 27 oct 2016, and the first invoice i printed on the 14 Nov, the fields are now printing on the bottom of the invoice below the notes section. I was on leave from the 27th Oct until 14th Nov 2016 so no invoices were generated. Can i move these fields back to the original location? Thanks in advance.


There has been several topics on this recently - do a search for Custom Fields.
Also read the below Releases and search for topics on Themes


Thanks for the quick reply, I have tried all themes with no luck, I have tried editing a theme and i am able to move the fields to the top of invoice but only on the left side. The notes field appear to be linked to custom fields since themes were introduced. before update notes were at the bottom and custom fields at the top, but now the custom fields and notes can only be moved as a set. I am not sure how to overcome this and separate them.

Not being a user of Themes or Custom Fields I am limited here, but, perhaps the reference names have changed and it just a matter of finding the correct reference names to separate the two.

As to re-positioning, there was some guidance in this topic

This is correct.

This might be considered true if you limit yourself to moving the existing code block. But with more sophisticated coding, you could definitely strip out those you were interested in and move them. Some creative use of If- and Unless- blocks would do the trick. The themes use Liquid, for which you can find many guides on the web.

Have a read through the link above or here - [16.11.1] Added new themes for invoices, quotes, orders, receipts etc
This was a similar question I asked and Lubos was kind enough to give us some tips.