Customizing custom field locations on printed docs?

Hello all.
Is there a way to customize the location of custom fields on printed documents other than having them at the top or bottom of a document?
For an example. I’d like to add fields for phone and fax on my customer record and have them show on sales docs like quotes/orders/invoices.
However, i don’t want them to show on the bottom of the invoice, rather, i’d like them on the top below the customer’s address.
I’m also wondering if there is a way to change the positioning of the address fields to make them work with window envelopes for invoices that i send by mail?

How do others make this kind of customizations with the discontinuation of custom themes around the corner?


The simplest way is adding them to the address field. Else I guess you could use html code in the custom fields or footer.

BTW, custom themes are still being used by countless users.

Can you reposition a custom field in a view using html code?
I was under the impression those fields are prepositioned by the view generator.
I could put them into the address field, but i’m not a big fan of freeform text boxes like that with lots of none related info. I’d prefer separate fields for the various bits of info.
I’m aware that custom themes still exist and are being used but @lubos has made it pretty clear that they’re eventually going away so i don’t want to invest a lot into something that’s not going to be around for a while.

So why do you not simply add these to the customer Billing address field?

Re visiting this topic.

The reason for not adding this to the customer address field is because i don’t want to have to format a field. I want all my fields to be listed and formatted by the view generator whenever i hit view, I don’t want to have to train users how to format a field, There is far to much room for errors if doing it that way.
So to repeat the original request, is there a way to pre position a custom field anywhere inside a doc without having to put html code into the field each time?