Printing for Window Faced Envelope

I’m using the cloud version of Manager. I’m guessing there has been a recent update as I have just printed off 30 invoices to be sent out and the text no longer lines up with the window on the envelope.

I have changed the spacing in the settings but it doesn’t change the location of the address.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Since introduction of themes, window faced envelope option under Settings has been removed. This is because invoices, quotes, orders and statements can have any look and this option was relevant only to original plain theme.

Anyway, you can still make your documents compatible with window faced envelopes. If you are using the original plain theme, then go and view any invoice or statement and click Edit Theme in top right corner.

This will show you the code for the theme. Look at line 11 which says


and change it to:

<td style="padding-left: 75px; padding-top: 50px">

Then click Update button.

This will push the recipient address 75px right and 50px down. Try print it now to see whether it fits. If it doesn’t, click Edit Theme button again and increase/decrease padding-left and padding-top attributes until the recipient address is in correct position.