Option for billing and shipping address?

There seems to be no option in Manager to include a billing and shipping address in the customer database?

Not so. This is the customer entry form:

But the delivery address field only appears when the Delivery Notes tab is enabled. That is because delivery notes are the only place the program uses the information. And Manager’s general design philosophy is to display only essential information used by the program.

If you want to record a delivery address, but are not using the Delivery Notes tab, create a custom field for customers. You can set it to show on documents or not.

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For technical reasons my customer says he wants the billing invoice to display his company name only but the packing slip to display his personal name only. Is there any simple way of doing this? I have tried creating a Delivery Note for a packing slip, but I see no way of “hiding” the company name.

You would need a custom theme with logic to test for and suppress the recipient name.

:expressionless: OK… I think I’ll just manually “paintbrush” the company’s name off the packing slip then.