Billing address on sales invoice

I’ve recently upgraded to version 21.11.92. When preparing my sales invoices at the end of December, I’ve noticed that the last line of customer billing address doesn’t appear anymore on the invoice. As I’m cloning former sales to keep details, it seems that it’s due to that, as if creating a new invoice, the full billing address appears.
How can we solve that ?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Without a screenshot of the ‘problem’ it’s impossible to offer any help.

I suspect that what you thought was the last line of the address was may have been the business identifier. That field has now been removed. See Supplier Business Identifier plus inclusion on Tax Reports - #7 by lubos.

Also, search the forum for “business identifier.”

Cloning should create the exact copy. So not sure how is this possible and can’t reproduce the issue. Some screenshots would be helpful.

For complete info, please see images below :
view of customer details in the system, I’ve added the VAT number in the address, as invoice must show this info to be valid :
view of invoice made with former version of manager. When originally printed, all lines were visible
creation of a new invoice, all lines visible
view of invoice newly created, all lines of the address are visible
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The issue is related to invoices created with former version (most probably begin of 2021). Unfortunately, I should be able to re-print them (pdf) to forward to my auditor, the other solution being re-scan all printed copies.

Is that a custom theme?

No, it’s not.

all previously created invoices will not display the VAT number because the field used for the same was recently removed and its content was appended to the address field.
so, only new transactions will display the VAT number after the address of the customer.
this has been discussed in detail in the below topic.

I’ve read this topic, but VAT number was already added in the billing address, as last line.

this would be valid only for newly created sales invoices.
by design, cloning an old invoice will only clone the details available in the old invoice. since the business identifier field was removed, the old invoices no longer show the VAT number and therefore cloning does not automatically include the VAT number which was appended to the address field of the customer. you should create a new sales invoice from scratch rather than use the Clone option.