Delivery address on sales order

The delivery address on the sales order is not carried through to the invoice
I see that this has been asked before but I cannot find the answer
I read that one reply askes why you need an delivery address on the invoice
The reason is simple if you sell to a buying group you need to bill the buying group but delver to the buying group’s member.

Yeah, sales invoice doesn’t have delivery address field. It could be added in future but in the meantime, you can create custom field called Delivery address which can be shown on printed invoice.

Thanks for reply
Please see screen shot where I have created a custom field
It does not reflect when I create an invoice
further in you answer you say must tick the box "show custom field on printed documents I do not have this box I cannot paste the screenshot here will email the screenshot

You may need to update your software. What version do you have when you click About Manager in the top menu?

i have updated to versil 16.5.58 but still cannot find the box
show custom field on printed documents

@lesd are you trying to tick the box “Show custom field on printed documents” on the Sales Invoice custom fields creation page or the Sales Order custom fields creation page?

This is what you will see on the Sales Invoice custom field page…

I have gone into sales invoices created the customer field. I have labelled it delivery address. I ticked “show custom field on printed documents”
I then created a new sales order and typed a diirent delivery address to the customer billing address
I then copied to new sales invoice
However the invoice still does not show the delivery address
What am I doing wrong???

It sounds like you edited a sales order and expected your edit to carry over into a custom field on a sales invoice. That won’t happen. The custom field on the sales invoice must be completed as you create the sales invoice.