Custom reports

Hi want to make a custom statment that have all invoice for the set but do not want total debits and credits.

Only want outstanding amount.
Also want custom fields on statment

Thanks hennie

you cannot get all these in a single report.

under Reports check Sales Invoice Totals by Customer.
clicking on the blue figure against any customer will show you the list of all invoices which can be exported to any spreadsheet program.

You seem to be creating Transactions type customer statements. Have you tried Unpaid invoices type?

Custom fields cannot be defined for customer statements, nor for any other type of report.

just to clarify, why do the default fields like Telephone, Fax, Mobile which were recently converted as custom fields show on customer and supplier statements?
also, other custom fields created for suppliers or customers appear on the statements if they are set to show on printed documents.

the point is you cannot create a custom field for the statement itself, but the custom fields defined for the source, in this case supplier or customer, will show on the statement.

Need somthing like this.
If i can have field name i can do it my self

what you have shown is similar to the customer or supplier statement already available in Manager. the only difference is that Manager shows the running balance as a column. this is the method preferred globally.

the theme is something you can change depending on your choice.

I don’t know. I’m going to look into this today to understand it. I was not aware this happened until it was mentioned yesterday on the forum.

Is their a document that i can use to change it.


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if you are asking about themes, read this guide Manager Cloud

for setting a theme for statements, read the below topic.

Will look at this thanks

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How do i remove the Total Debits
and total Creadits from the statment with themes

and change closing balance to total outstanding

If you can help with this

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due to a recent change in the program after users asked for it, this is the way it is gonna be from now on.

I don’t like this change, either. One person asked for it, two others supported it, and it appeared. I am fairly sure you could eliminate it in a custom theme by modifying the loop of code that does the totals. But I’m not exactly certain how.

“If” the totals are to be there, why aren’t they at the base of each debit /credit column where they would have some relevance. I suspect not because the format is code which has been plucked from other “view” documents.

I think you’re probably right, @Brucanna.

I have check the code and think you right i come from somewhere else.
Is their someone that can help with this as i what to change that and i think their is more persons that want it. In the old version it was not their.

Here is the Code

{% for total in table.totals %}
{% if (total.label == ‘Total debits’) %}{% continue %}{% endif %}
{% if (total.label == ‘Total credits’) %}{% continue %}{% endif %}

{{ total.label }} {{ total.text }} {% endfor %}