Custom invoice theme

Hello, I am making a custom invoice theme and I need the variables for invoice number and date so
they can be printed each time according to the invoice. I know them for previous versions ( {{fields[number] }} )but now with ver. 18.3.29 I think they have changed because theese are not working. Thank you.

this is not a coding forum. the default code can be viewed and the variables known from any of the default themes.
please hire someone locally if you personally do not have the necessary skills.

He’s not asking for coding help. He’s not even asking how to do something. He’s asking for a field name that has possibly changed. That’s a little different. I think that’s pretty relevant to a forum of Manager users and supporters.

@St_Neop I would offer an answer, but I’m still using a version from last year :wink:

the variable @St_Neop asked was never visible in the theme directly even in the older versions as far as i can remember.
updates to Manager sometimes changes the underlying code and the variables have to be called indirectly looping through a part of the whole code. this may or may not change from time to time. so there is never a constant variable when customizing a theme.
i am not against asking for help regarding customized themes. i myself have provided codes in the past. the problem is, sometimes the answer we provide now would no longer be valid in the next update 18.3.30

Yep good points.

I have previously searched for similar things (esp regarding API) and found the same thing, things had changed. So very good point.

I have never liked the idea of having to loop through the variable names as you describe, but as a developer I’m also acutely aware of making variable names that fit all situations across modules (sales, purchases, inventory, etc) and tasks (payments, receipts, etc) in one generic form isn’t easy,

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I am finding very annoying reply concern to theme, as you know in accounting, voucher printing is base / basic of recording transactions. Default format are useful regardless requirements of each user is different.
Kindly arrange customization tools for adding theme additionally into system. My concern is develop any handy tool for user those r interested in modifications of basic theme according to their requirements. Do not disappoints user. There are no of pirated accounting software giving possibility of writing reports but support is not available. Thanks for hearing.

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No matter what options were provided, someone would want something different. Custom themes provide the opportunity for a wide range of customization with relatively low levels of programming skill. The Liquid language is simple enough for any competent web developer to write you a customized theme with a high degree of flexibility.

Manager’s developer concentrates on accounting features, not glamorous forms. Yet the program provides for adding a great deal of specialized features through custom fields, without the need to create a custom theme at all.

Indeed. And why should Manager compete with illegally pirated software?

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Invoice number & Invoice date

{% for field in fields %}

                <div style="font-size: 28px; text-align: left">
                    {% if field.label != 'Invoice number' %}{% continue %}{% endif %}
                    {{ field.text }}</div>
                    {% endfor %}

{% for field in fields %}

                <div style="font-size: 28px; text-align: left">
                    {% if field.label != 'Invoice date' %}{% continue %}{% endif %}
                    {{ field.text }}</div>
                    {% endfor %}

Manager Will enhance the capabilities in nearest future for user requirements.

  1. Data fatching and integration with excel.
  2. Customization at core different to different business.
  3. Realistic formats and formulation.
  4. Comprehensive guide all in above.

Here in gulf market is totally aducted to tally. Soon your reporting method will guide user to divert from tally to manager.

I hopes that manager functional cost will be updated into sicenero in obove point to meet gulf requirements.

Manager is purposely designed so desktop and server users on an internal network do not require internet access to use accounting features. So the program is not going to be modified to fetch data. Instead, you can import bank statements. Read the Guide: Manager Guides.

Manager can, in batch operations, export to and import from any spreadsheet or word processing program that can generate a TSV file. Read this Guide: Manager Guides. While there are reasons to want to integrate with various programs (for example, point of sale programs), designing a computer-based, double-entry accounting system to integrate with Excel is not a forward-looking step. Many users move to a program like Manager after realizing spreadsheets are not suitable for anything but the most primitive accounting activities.

This is already available. Read the Guide: Manager Guides

What does this mean?

Read them at:

What do you mean? What updates do you think are required? Please do not refer to “gulf.” Provide specific references to official government documentation in your country. The developer’s practice is to accommodate legal requirements.

I am trying to change position of a custom field in sales invoice .
I have knowledge of html but i cannot find a way to change the custom field position i want it right after qty trying to do it with liquid but unable please help me out much appreciated.

Are you asking about sales invoice custom fields or sales invoice line item custom fields? The first cannot be inserted into line items. The second can only be adjusted in presentation order after the description. Read about this in the Guides.

Sale invoice custom fields displaying right after description i want to change its position

the line item custom fields will always appear after Description field.
you can easily change the position between the custom field themselves which has been explained in the relevant guide.
positioning them anywhere else would require a custom theme which is the responsibility of the user. there is a similar guide and there have been many examples discussed on the forum too which would easily help any user with basic programming skills. if you do not have the necessary coding skills to do it yourself, please hire a local programmer to do it for you.

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Plz help me i cannot hire a developer i am also a developer i am trying to make some changes but it is going in wrong sequence i want Sub total text to be replaced with amount exluding GST
And total to be replaced with Amount including GST.

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Then you should know it is pointless to show a screen shot including only portions of the lines of code. Furthermore, this forum is not the place to troubleshoot your custom themes. They are your responsibility.

Tax amount per line item is not included in the variable arrays defined for any transaction form. So you will not be able to include the additional column. Themes can only be used to show information already defined for a transaction form.

Amounts excluding tax are already on the form, as long as you have not checked the box for the transaction to be tax-inclusive.

To replace a label in a theme, you need a replacement filter in the relevant for-loop.

use the replace command

See this topic:

It explains how to rename sub-totals.

@lubos thank you so much it really helped me out

Hello, I need to replace the finale name “Balance due” to a custome name.
I’m using Manager in italian, so the themes are in italian too but I need to make a custom theme completely in english. The only way I found is to rename using “replace” for each name.
I was able to change all the names, but not the total label of the balance.

{{ total.label | replace: “Totale”,“TOTAL” | replace: “Importo Pagato”,“Amount Paid” | replace: “Ammontare Dovuto”, “Balance Due” }}

How can I do?