Selecting theme for statements

In the past when generating statements to clients I was able to select my own theme for the statement. This however has changed. How do I select my default theme for my statements. Also I would like to add my banking details to statements. How. Please help.

There is going to be solution by tomorrow.


@lubos Any idea which tomorrow? I’ve installed 4 updates in the last 2 days hoping that I could use my custom theme with statements as I have in the past. I’m holding off issuing my end-of-month statements in the hope that I can do so again.

Fixed in the latest version (18.1.60). You need to click on Set Date button to select custom theme. I know that part is not intuitive but I consider this to be temporary. I’m working on ability to do bulk emailing which will have slightly different way to set custom theme.

Thanks for working on this, I had noticed the lack of theming on Customer Statements as well and was also hoping for a fix at some point. Appreciate that you’ve put a temporary workaround in place.

Will we be able to set the custom theme without sending an email via Manager?

My preference would be some way to download the PDF with custom theme enabled, and attach via my email client rather than emailing through Manager directly.


Thank you so much…

When viewing customer statement, you can click PDF button instead of Email button which will allow you to save PDF without sending an email.

So, exactly what I’m already doing. Excellent.

If that will be compatible with the ability to select a theme using the new
method you are working on for Customer Statements, that’s awesome.

In the meantime I can use the Set Date method.