Why do new fields show on invoices?

I love default themes, but with the latest amendment with Telephone number display at the bottom of delivery notes and supplier purchase invoice seems abit weird…

just go to Custom Fields under Settings.
under Customers section edit Telephone and set it to not show on printed documents.

Non-essential fields have been removed from transaction forms. This simplifies forms and saves screen space. For existing users, for any field that has content on any previous transaction, updating the software (or using the cloud edition) automatically creates custom fields for the old non-essential fields. Telephone is one example: the field was part of the old supplier definition, so it became a custom field and appears everywhere the supplier is referenced.

As @sharpdrivetek said, if you don’t want something to appear, go to Custom Fields under Settings and uncheck the box to show the custom field on printed documents. This is a one-time action.

Sales Tax Invoice and Delivery Notes custom fields changed after copy from Sales Quote, before the new update it work perfectly as we set all the notes by individual. Normally, we just copy from sales quote to sales tax invoice, delivery notes and print once we received customer orders. Now, the invoice and delivery notes change after copy from sales quote. Here the attachment, it shown the previous works.

custom fields changed too between sales tax invoice copy to delivery notes. Much appreciated of your suggestion.

go to Custom Fields under Settings and rename the Notes field for all tabs so that they are not identical.
for example, under Sales Quotes rename it to Note, under Sales Invoice leave it as Notes and for Delivery Notes rename it as Instructions.
the custom fields will be copied to another form only if the custom field headings are exactly identical. even the use of a simple punctuation mark like : can be used to differentiate the headings like for one form it can be just Notes and for another form it can be Notes:

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We have been using the field :{{recipient.telephone} in our custom template for the telephone to appear exactly where we want it. Now the number is not seen on the invoice. What should we use instead in its place of the code?

just figured out my own. I used:
{% for field in custom_fields %}
{% if field.label == “telephone” %}
{{ field.text }}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

if you are not positioning the Telephone field anywhere else other than with the other custom fields, you can just enable or disable it to show on printed documents by navigating to the Custom Fields for Customers under Settings.

Thanks of your explanation, problem solved and work perfect now. :smiley:

In the latest version, you can just type {{ custom_fields["Telephone"] }}

This means you don’t have to loop through all custom fields if you know the name of it.


Tut and Lubas,
A related question: how can I insert payment instructions to customers sent a Statement of Account? Many customers lose their invoices and receive this statement but don’t remember how to pay.
Hoping you will insert custom fields onto Customer Statements.
Thank you

@MicheleA custom fields are for capturing attributes about something. Your payment information is not really an attribute. It’s just static text which can be inserted into a theme manually without using custom fields.

For example, to show some text only if document title is Statement, you can insert into your theme this snippet.

{% if title == "Statement" %}Our payment information...{% endif %}

Hi Lubos
I understand what you suggest by my progamming skills are not adequate
enough to design a Theme by myself. although I would like to be able
to. Do you have templates for the THEME section of the program?
It seems that the set format of Customer STATEMENTS does not allow a
new field (eg Notes) to be inserted. Can you help by opening up the
code of Statements please? MICHELE A

assuming you have recently updated your program, every default template available for Manager can be viewed by navigating to Settings → Themes.
click Edit against any desired theme and you can view its code.

Hi Again Lubos
I have downloaded the latest version and hvee been playing around with
the coding.The IF THEN instruction causes the ‘Payment Options’ text
to appear at the very top of the page rather than under the
balance.What did I omit from the lines?
{% if title == “Statement” %} Payment options:

  1. EFT to strata bank account 032769–417389, Reference: your Unit #
    & Qtr # 2. Cash/cheque deposited at any Westpac branch:
    ask Teller to insert your Unit # as Reference {% endif

Please, @MicheleA, this is not a coding forum. If you lack the skills, please hire a local programmer. Any competent web programmer should be able handle this little bit off Liquid coding.