Custom report: Supplier Report

We have supplier with a summary like this:

I need a report that show the exactly amount of item as well as purchase price, in purchase invoice and debit note, then a number showing the amount we need to pay.

I tried this well in another case, where there is no debit note. In this case, I don’t know how to show as I want.

This is what I tried, and what is appeared

And another report I tried, in this, the number in purchase invoice and debit note show as I expect, but the amount to pay is not.

Hope you guy can give me a guide.


What is wrong with the built-in Supplier Statement?

That statement just show total amount, not the items as I want (shown in Ajuma 3 example above)

@huyen, you should start by completing all the partial selection criteria in your custom report definition. For example, you have selected Inventory item, but left the secondary field blank. Likewise, you should complete your Where filters.

@Tut I have tried as your suggestion. It remains the same.

Understand that I cannot troubleshoot your custom report. I can only make further observations:

  1. You have made more changes than I recommended, some of which caused more problems. I am not saying they were necessarily wrong to make, but that you are asking for help with a constantly changing report. Others cannot keep up.
  2. You have recorded additional transactions with this supplier while you have been working on this report. That also makes it difficult to keep up, because you have not furnished information about the additional transaction.
  3. You are selecting only debits, so you may not see relevant transactions.
  4. You are not filtering for relevant accounts, so you are seeing both legs of the double entries. In some cases, the information you are asking for is missing from a transaction.

For report development purposes, it is often helpful to include the account name as a selection criteria. That way, you can see where the individual lines come from. Then you include appropriate account filters.

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@huyen, try modifying the following report to suit your needs.

The report definition:

The report:

I would not include the “Inventory Item Purchase Price”, because that is just the amount you entered for the item in the Inventory Items tab. It may not be the amount you paid per unit on a purchase invoice.


Great!! It’s exactly what I want. Thank you.

@huyen be aware that Custom Reports do not have a Starting Balance for the report period, and that the above sample report does not show payments to the supplier. So the total (9,768.97) may not be what is owed to the Supplier. You need to verify the total with your other records and Supplier Statements.

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@dcVest is right. That information is available simply by looking at the supplier’s payable balance. No need to define any kind of report, built-in or custom.

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