Custom reports - SUPPLIER LISTING

Hi all .

Help me create the SUPPLIER LISTING Report

I have tried to create it using the following

It appears on View like this

My problem is that some of the information are not captured in what I’m doing.
What i need is for the information under the headings to be what they should be.

Appreciate your help

What information are you looking for?

This is not a Suppliers Listing - a Supplier is an entity with Purchase Invoices

This is a listing of payments made

I know. It will be a cash payment information but seen as a supplier listing to be given to my country’s tax authority.
Basically it must reflect payments to suppliers

So what is wrong with the report you have created ?

You have shown the edit screen of the custom report definition and a partial view of the report itself but you have not explained what you think is missing and/or incorrect

On the View option here

, some data that I want to be there ARE NOT there!

  1. under heading :supplier", there must be a name of the supplier/payee.
  2. “Subtotal” should have figures pertaining to that particular transaction
  3. “Tax Amount” should also have figures

You have not selected the correct items
The Payee designates the type of payee, not the name
The tax amount is the type of tax

Unfortunately I do not have access to a computer at the moment, but I suggest you select different fields to see which ones you need

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Thank you for the advice. Ill try the changes and notify here.