Custom Report


Anybody help me?

I want create a report with this information:

Total Invoices Amount (all invoices amount) by Suppliers, but I want subtract the tax (all taxes of the supplier) on purchases. Other idea (in report) is use a filter by date (from - to).


Maybe this will point you in the right direction. “All taxes of the supplier” is not quite clear to me.
Be aware that invoices with no VAT (=tax?) will not show in this report.

Thank you.

I want to edit a report with this structure:


Can anybody help me?

Have you tried creating a report yourself yet? Or are you expecting others to do it for you? If you have tried and have questions, show what you’ve attempted. This forum is not a place to solicit work by others.

Please see screen shot of Custom Report settings which is a partial solution.

It is only a partial solution as:

  1. It does not provide a column for “Purchases with Tax”.

  2. It is necessary to create a new Custom Tax Code of “Not Applicable” and use this code for all Purchase invoices that have no tax otherwise these invoices will not appear on the Custom Report.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.
I receive a lot of ideas reading the posts in this forum and I’m happy to give back in some way. I always keep in mind that assistance offered to one forum member may benefit other forum members as well.


@ries, @lubos, is “TAX AMOUNT” no longer an option in CUSTOM REPORTS (General Ledger Transactions)? I’ve been trying to make a custom report with TAX AMOUNT as one of its columns, but I can’t seem to find it. Should I do something to enable TAX AMOUNT as an option?