Custom Report : Showing Double Records

At receipt we made customer payment

  1. with invoice
  2. without invoice
  3. Custom Report (i want to generate reports by customer for payment during specific date)


receipt 2, show double line
please help us checking @lubos @Tut
Thank you for your continuous support!

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Show a screen shot of your Receipts & Payments tab. I suspect that as you experimented, you accidentally entered the same transaction twice.

If you need, i can send you data backup.

I found problems at another db, this is our test result with clean db

I noticed a similar thing when the search criteria is not specific enough. I attributed it to a function of a general search in a double entry accounting system.

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Yes, I think this has to do with Receipt #2 being automatically allocated by the program. Try changing the filter to Credit is more than 0. But I’m no expert on custom reports.

same result @Tut

Does receipt #2 show up just once if you allocate the receipt directly to the invoice?

yes, the problems is customer made payment for some invoices so, we can’t allocate with invoice
now our problems is un-allocated receipts for invoice shown double lines at custom report

That sheds more light on the subject. The receipt was not only unspecified, but was split between multiple invoices. So the transaction shows up for both invoices it was posted to. But your filtering requires that Transaction + Reference contain Receipt. So you are getting the credit amount for the receipt itself. The actual postings against the invoices were not receipts, they were automatic allocations. Try playing with Amount and/or Amount (sign reversed) instead of Credit as a selection. I’m not sure what that might do.

In my case I was able to fix it by also specifying which account the transactions I wanted displayed were in. I assumed the issue is the general ledger has both the credit and debit transactions. So choosing one fixed it.

Printing other fields is likely to show what the two records contain so why it prints twice (other fields are likely to be different).

I can confirm that is due to the fact that your showing the credit and not the amount

I believe that this might be a bug, the columns “Debit”, “Credit” and “Amount” when used in conditions seem to refer to the transaction totals since I tried adding “Debit = 0” and the query showed no transactions.

I also tried to figure out what happens with unallocated receipts and it seems that there are two Credit rows and one Debit row to accounts receivable. I tried to find the differences between the two Cr rows but I couldn’t find the field that contains the difference.

Proposal 1: I think there should be a "general ledger transactions | row debit, credit, amount … "
Proposal 2: More fields should be available in the query

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