Stock summary report(custom)

Hello Managers,

I create a report in custom reports for stock summary by custom field the problem is report shows double quantity of invoices how it fix .?

Invoices total Qty is:-
Dostea 175ml = 14
Dostea 112ml= 4

But it double see the report

See the report and invoices below

Screenshot_2020-08-10 IQBAL SONS β€” PICK LIST

Do not use Groups to collapse checkbox until your custom reports show the right transactions.

So first, uncheck Groups to collapse checkbox and then see what you get.

Thanks for your kind rply @lubos

I try as you say please check this pics problem still

Add Account column to your Select... section so you can see what accounts are these quantities posted to.

Add account please check


Still problem in quantity

Now you see sales invoice makes two transactions for each inventory item. One to Inventory on hand account and the other one to Inventory - sales account.

So you just need to filter out one of those two accounts.

For example, if you want to see Inventory on hand transactions only, you can do something like…

Where... - Account - Name - Contains - Inventory on hand

This will eliminate Inventory - sales account transactions.

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got it thanks sir :+1: