Odd G/L transaction behaviour

I just noticed something a bit odd.

I was creating a custom report on Bank lodgements when I spotted some entries being doubled up. Further investigation shows that if you book a receipt to Account Receivables / Customer without specifying the invoice number the G/L transactions seem to include an unnecessary debit & credit transaction.

This is the Bank Receipt transaction and then custom G/L report

But if you specify the invoice, then you only get one debit & credit entry

The G/L transactions report only shows one debit & credit in all cases

There are some unexpected, sometimes invisible, transactions that go on for automatic allocation in Accounts receivable/payable. I’ve noticed this elsewhere and think it’s left over from the prior implementation of automatically putting customer/supplier credits into separate accounts.

In constructing some experimental custom reports myself, I’ve had to resort to additional conditional logic in the Where section, including tests for emptiness or specifying, as an example, that a specific account name is used. In other words, you need to be creative about which leg of transactions you are targeting. So far as I have been able to tell, everything works correctly. But you have to keep in mind that when you start with General ledger transactions, that can cover a large range of entries.

In your case, you might try something like adding Where Account | Name contains Accounts receivable. I’m not saying that will definitely work, but similar steps have resolved similar problems of duplication for me.