Custom report for extracting sold price and sold qty

Hello everyone. Is it possible to extract item, actual sales price and sales qty from invoices of a period? I tried using custom report but it seems it is still not functioning well.

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You might get what you need from the Sales Invoice Totals by Item report, drilling down on individual items to obtain quantities and amounts. You would need to calculate unit price in the spreadsheet. This would not be convenient if you are trying to obtain a report covering many inventory items.

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That’s impractical. No wonder manager reports for each segment still needs lot of improvements.

It is almost impossible to calculate sales price of 263 items manually in spreadsheet. It will be a tedious work

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Then start with this. It includes exactly the information you said you wanted. The filters (1) pick up all transactions posted to Inventory - sales, regardless of how they are sold (or returned) and (2) require a quantity. These eliminate (1) sales and credit notes of non-inventory items and (2) zero-quantity items like freight-in charges. Delete the selections having to do with inventory kits if you don’t use them.

The report looks like this:

This method only shows price if recorded while creating a new inventory item.

In the case and as mine, the suggested method is unworkable, where same inventory item has different sale prices due to multiple location which also needs to be tracked if item is sold under or over permissible value by the employees.

That is what you said you wanted, “actual sales price.” You did not say you wanted the price charged, which would be the unit price. The term sales price in Manager refers to the price you have set when defining an inventory item.

Apologies. I actually meant unit price by the term “actual sales price” which I don’t see available in custom report or other reports.

@lubos Can this small feature be added in order to extract actual unit price reports as sale price can vary over time to time and also can depend on multiple factors, like delivery location etc.

Have you tried this:


Which would replace these:


It just gives the total amount not the unit price.

Only option is to extract large data to spreadsheet which is painful.

It can be done in a report transformation, but may not be worth the effort for you