List of sale prices for item?

the prices of each item we sell sometimes change based on offer stock discounts etc
i was trying to build a report that show the prices of inventory items, i cant find a way for manager to show me the prices, i can get amount and qty but not the prices.

am i doing something wrong or manager cannot show the prices from sale invoices ?

Use the Inventory Price List in Reports. Of course, that only gives you list prices, not anything related to individual sales invoices.

The unit price is not currently exposed for custom reports, if that is what you are referring to.

A way to get the information you want is to create a Sales Invoice Totals by Item report. Then, drill down on the total for the item of interest. You will get the quantities and amounts for all line items for that inventory item. Export and do a little math in a spreadsheet.

You could get the same information in a custom report by querying for quantity and amount, but you would still be left to do the arithmetic in a spreadsheet. That approach, however, might get you closer to a better-formatted report.

The fact is, custom reports are not that good at dissecting individual line items in transactions.

it wasnt active because i did not put a sale price in the details of the items.

this is impractical because i have to drill down

i have already custom reports with qty and amount total they help me a lot keep track of projects with multiple items.
it just seems strange that unit price wasn’t available so before immersing myself in excel i thought to ask.

However thanks for the answer @Tut lubos has promised better custom reports lets hope this will be included.