Custom "Invoice"

I go to settings – Custom fields – Sales invoice – New Custom Field.
At Label I insert “Unit ID – From” then click Show custom field as a column and click Show custom field on printed documents.
Now I make a Invoice and at Unit ID - From (Custom Field) I input “DEI 1”.
I then Update and click the Purchase Invoice Tab. The page show the “Unit ID - From”

My invoice do not show it.

What am I doing wrong

Custom fields will only show if something is in them. Can you post a screen shot of the invoice entry screen for this invoice? Did you remember to click Update after entering the info into the custom field?

The other possibility, of course, since you are using a custom theme, is that you changed the code that prints the custom fields. Does the same problem happen on a built-in theme?

Tut, All the custom fields I did work. I have no problems with Custom fields Cash Account, Delivery Note, Receipt, Payslip and the other fields, only with Sales Invoice. Yes I do click Update.

The other possibility, of course, since you are using a custom theme I do not think so. If so how do I get the custom field loaded again?

You did not post the one screen shot I asked for of the invoice entry screen for the invoice giving you trouble.

And you didn’t answer my question about whether this problem persists with a built-in theme.

Sorry my mistake.

I do not anymore have the standard built in theme. Is it possible to upload or instal the build in theme.

You are using a view template. These were replaced by custom themes back in November 2016. So unless you wrote code to show the custom field, it won’t be shown.

And default code is always there. Click the X next to the View Template field and you will return to the default. But your version may be so old you don’t have themes. You should update your software. But a new naming and storage scheme was implemented overnight, so you might want to look at the new release note on that.

Thanks a lot Tut. I will do so.