Custom Field on Quote now Shows on Invoice

I have just updated manager to 18.1.62 for Windows. I have a custom field of Terms and Condition at the bottom of my quotes. I also have a custom field of bank details at the bottom of Invoices. When you select to copy quote to invoice the custom field of the quote now appears on the invoice and the invoice custom field is missing. I am unable to find a way to fix this in settings custom fields or in settings form defaults. Everything was working perfectly until the update. The information in the custom field of the quote never transferred across to the invoice previously. Is anyone able to help.

It sounds like you have custom fields with identical names, so one carries over to another when copying, by design. Change one name and they will be independent.

Thank you for your help. Both custom fields were named TERMS & CONDITIONS. Changed the Invoice custom field to BANK DETAILS which fixed the problem.