Custom field in sales quotation


Not sure if ‘sales quotation’ is the right word, since I use Manager in the Dutch language.
But I can add a custom field in sales quotation, but I can’t use a view template to show this extra field in the sales quotation.

I need this cause when I send a sales quotation to a customer, there has to be a signature area at the bottom of the sales quotation to make the agreement.

Will this be possible?


Sale quote is just for quoting the client. Once the client has accepted, you can issue them with a sales order which will contain their purchase order number and there is an area there that they can in. I have not used the sales order yet, because I am waiting for the quotes and orders statuses to be implmented before I start using the sales orders.

But I think that this should do what you want it to do.


It’s not yet possible to modify sales quotes using HTML but before that, I’m going to add support for custom fields to be optionally visible on sales quotes.


Hi, I know this is a bit out there, but is it possible to include images in sales quotes? or would that be a possibility?


Images of products?


yes images of products


This is not currently possible for a few reasons. I think the easiest way to support this would be through custom fields but this feature is not sophisticated enough to allow for images yet. You can ask again in 2-3 months as there are always some improvements to custom fields in the pipeline.


Thank you