Autofill Line-item custom fields (Feature Request)

Hi, I have created a 78 items sale order & manually filled custom fields, when I used copy to function to create a purchase order, I have to manually enter 78 custom fields again. The process is not only tiring but also can cause mistakes. If the items go above 100+ items then I have to abandon the Purchase Order form with custom fields, I will use Microsoft Excel to create a sale order & then copy-paste the custom fields to Purchase Order & then Purchase Invoice.

My general workflow is Sale Order > Purchase Order > Goods Receipts > Delivery Notes > Partial sale Invoices. Once the sale order is completed I create a Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order.

Please add the Autofill Line-item custom fields function.

Line-item custom fields are unique to the individual transaction type. Regular custom fields, on the other hand, will copy from one transaction type to another as long as both transaction types have identically named custom fields. This is because regular custom fields belong to the transaction itself, while line-item custom fields belong only to the line item.

If the line item custom field is identical it should auto fill or there should be an option to enable to disable such feature. How am I supposed to fill 78 items identical custom fields accurately on every form?

I’m reimplementing custom fields so these things will be possible. This feature request is similar to:

The latest version (22.8.12) contains new implementation of custom fields which adds support for this.

However, to allow custom fields copy between transaction types, you need to setup single custom field that is shared by multiple transaction types.

For example, if you want custom field on lines to show on sales invoices, sales orders and sales quotes, then custom field needs to be created like this:


Notice how I’m selecting multiple placements for custom field.

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