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Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to be able to change the position of custom fields in form defaults like so:

Also, be able to change the size of fields in form defaults as well.

Or at least have it in a grid form that moves from left-to-right and then down. and instead of setting position and size, let the user set row and colspan like so:

Which I believe is equally as good. What do you guys think?

the present approach is suitable for all screen sizes and gives the user consistency when operating from multiple devices. the user is sure about where to find what. if the fields are distributed left to right and then downwards, the user will find it more difficult when accessing from multiple devices with various screen sizes.
also, the positioning of fields in an entry form is of negligible importance unless a field is a resultant field of prior user selections. for example, the positioning of Inventory location field was changed few months back which was an inconvenience for most users (already discussed in another topic).
anyway this is only my opinion.

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Thanks @sharpdrivetek, you have a point with the order and positioning not being all that important, but the thing is as you increase custom fields, sorting and arranging them becomes more and more important. For some companies I have 15+ custom fields in the invoice form, which I need to sort out for better view of the whole thing because viewing the document in small chunks at a time is getting a bit confusing.

Also imo, I tried accessing using my mobile, it works but it is not well suited, so I guess for different screen sizes (I assume you meant mobile devices for this) an app would be preferred over the one-size-fits-all design.