List sort defaults


Just a suggestion that I thought might fit with the way that custom fields work etc.

I use as quite a few do, some custom fields in my case with sales orders to mark their status and I precede them with a number 1-6 so when I sort the sales order list by that column the sales orders sort themselves by the numbers so I get them in order of there status.

The idea is that we can have a list default so you can set what a list sorting defaults to kind of like form defaults. Then whenever you open quotes, or purchase orders etc. they will sort to your predefined sorting arrangement which can be a custom field.

If there was a way to make something work with colouring a drop down list like what was being discussed here,
, (I know there is no way currently) It would make for an easy way to customise the way that these lists can be displayed with a good visual effect that I think some people are looking for.

Hope that makes sense, but I can’t think of a way to improve what is currently quite clunky in a simpler but customisable way.