Converting Quote to Invoice issue

I had an issue just recently when converting a Sales Quote to a Sales Invoice. Previously when doing this it used the wording I have set up in the Custom Field - Notes for my Invoices (which includes my bank account details). I am now finding that it is using the Custom Field - Notes for Quotes on the created invoice (which is a totally different message). Is there a way to change this or would I have to do each one manually - if I remember.

Many thanks for any help!!


If you have custom fields with identical labels, the content of the field on the quote will be copied to the sales invoice. See the Notes in this Guide: Use the Copy to function | Manager. The behavior you describe as “previously” could have been because you had no content in the field of the sales quote. Or you may have been using a much older version from before the current Form Defaults feature was added (there were different features for standard content).

If you don’t want information to copy, change the label of the custom field on one form.

Tut – Thanks so much – That worked. I changed the name of the custom field on one of the from Notes to Note and it works a dream. Great work!!!